October 28, 2010

Yellowstone Wolf Photo Gallery

Yellowstone Wolf Photo Gallery

A Photo Gallery about Yellowstone Wolves. Perhaps more than any other member of the animal kingdom, wolves have historically played the villain's role. Misperceptions about wolves have abounded for centuries, historically, cultures worldwide, believed that wolves were so aggressive that they posed a risk to humans but, ironically, wolves are wary of humans because man has been killing wolves for millennia. Folklore is littered with proverbs and metaphors about this fearsome carnivore, from Peter and the Wolf in Russia to the wolf’s mysticism in Native American culture; wolves have long been a powerful symbol. Even today, wolves engender excitement merely at the possibility of an appearance on the wilderness stage. Wolves nearly disappeared from the west by the early 1900s. In 1930, a federal agent killed the last indigenous gray wolf of Yellowstone. In 1933, the Yellowstone adopted a policy, limiting the unnecessary killing of predators in the park, but it was too late for Yellowstone’s wolf. Since then a conceptual evolution has taken place, in 1972, ideas of restoring the wolf to the Yellowstone eco-system, to restore endemic biodiversity, began to circulate. A new philosophy of wildlife management took root when the Endangered Species Act was passed in 1973, Consequently, wolves were listed as an endangered species in the United States. As part of a recovery plan the Fish and Wildlife Service, recommended introducing an experimental population of wolves into Yellowstone National Park. The plan included special regulations that took effect in November 1994, outlining how wolves would be managed as a nonessential experimental population under section ten of the Endangered Species Act.

October 23, 2010

Wyoming Landscape Photos

A photo portfolio of the Wyoming Landscape mostly in the Greatet Yellowstone vicinity including Jackson Hole, Cody, the Wind River Valley and Pinedale Wyoming and their mountians including the Grand Tetons, the Wind River Range, the Gros Ventre Range, the Wyoming Range, the Snake River Range and the Absaroka Mountain Range.

Montana Landscape Photos

Scenic photos of the Montana Landscape including, the Yellowstone, Gallatin, Boulder and Madison Rivers, Fall Colors, The Gallatin Range, the Absaroka Mountains, ranching heritage and more. Active lifestyle and farming photos and wildlife will be found in other catagories.Montana Landscape

October 17, 2010

Idaho Photo Portfolio

A photo portfolio of Idaho mostly from Teton Valley, Swan Valley, Island Park and the Idaho Falls Region. These valleys are home to the Grand Tetons, the Snake River Range, the Bighole Mountains, Centennial Mountains and their rivers, the Teton, Henry’s Fork of the Snake, the South Fork of the Snake River. The portfolio also includes photos from the rest Idaho including the Sawtooth Range of Stanley Idaho and Lost River Range of Mackey.