January 29, 2012

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Daryl L. Hunter is a Photographer/Writer/Publisher based in the Greater Yellowstone Region
Daryl L. Hunter - PhotographerWhen I was a wander lusting young man I would often find myself in beautiful places, so I bought a camera so I could document my wanderlust.

1n 1987 I packed up my Toyo 4X5 view camera, Pentex 6X7 medium format camera, and my 35-millimeter cameras and headed to Jackson Hole Wyoming, one of the best places on earth to be an outdoor photographer. 

Jackson Hole is full of active lifestyle types, fly-fishing, hunting, whitewater sports, horseback riding, etc.  I became a freelance guide as well, fly-fishing, snowmobile, park tour guiding, and horseback wrangling my way to beautiful pictures all over the area and throughout the spectrum of activities in the area.

Jackson Hole abuts Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park an embarrassment of riches for wildlife and scenic photography.
My freelance photography bifurcated to include graphic design work, which opened the door to web publishing requiring that I learned to write. I publish  The Greater Yellowstone Resource Guide.

My photographs have been published by National Geographic, Outside Magazine, Snow Country, Outdoor life, Esquire Sports, West Coast Board Sailor, Warren Miller Productions, U.S.A. Today, San Francisco Magazine, Mother Jones, Yes Magazine, Mule Deer Foundation Magazine, International Wolf Magazine, Toyota, Fly-fisherman, Beet (Belgian fishing magazine) and Fit For Fun (German sports Magazine).

I am proficient with small, medium, large format photography. As a stock photographer my photos have been used in hundreds of brochures, rack cards, newspapers, and websites promoting the Greater Yellowstone area and beyond. Today I shoot exclusively with my Canon EOS D5 Mark ll, its 21-megapixel censor can produce Tiff files of 60 megabytes, a size that can reproduce very large prints, or provide the opportunity for cropping tight and still having plenty of resolution to work with.

I have been working with Photoshop extensively since 1995 and am proficient with photo manipulation and montage. Today my photo management system is Aperture by Apple; it is superb at color correction with the added benefit of photo database management.

Education: Independent study of photography and digital design:
Photography has more pay offs than monetary. It drives us to search out pretty places or to dissect our surroundings to find it where we are. It makes us seek out beautiful things even in adverse conditions. Wherever we go we are looking for a beautiful rectangle we can isolate out of the chaos of life, when you are always seeking beauty, you will find more than your share - that is rich. 

January 24, 2012

Daryl L. Hunter and Dogteam at Alaska's Hatcher Pass

Me and my dog team on Hatcher Pass in Alaska in 1978. Mushing dogs in Alaska is one of the funnest things I have ever done. I wanted to run the Iditarod but I never could get enough money or dogs to do it. While there I became friends with several of the guys that started it.

Alaska was a blast becasue of the spirit of the people. Everyone was either young and adventurous or old and adventurous. I hear that since I left this dynamic has changed some but back in the 70's it was quite an experience.

My mom took this shot with a point and shoot and printed it on that crappy mat paper. I scanned it and it is hideous but with some noise reduction and creative bluring it is nearly acceptable.

© Daryl L. Hunter - The Hole Picture - Stock Photography for the Yellowstone region.
I also publish The Greater Yellowstone Resource Guide. I also lead "The Hole Picture Photo Safaris
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