November 22, 2007

The Search for Serendipity

By Daryl L. Hunter
Surrealistic horse photo, Sunset, Alta WyomingLuck favors the prepared mind, as does serendipity. Webster's definition-Serendipity - an apparent aptitude for making fortunate discoveries accidentally. Audacious, is the photographer who chooses to make his living stalking serendipity from one location to another then back again hoping to capture light as it has never been captured before or tougher yet as they may have captured it in the past. But that is what we do, and that is what we live for.

Armed with our acquired knowledge of the magic hour, cloud diffused lighting, outdoorsmenship, storm lighting, instinct for peak action, wildlife behavior, camera mechanics, changes in seasons, composition, astronomy, etc., we set out to bring the natural world to armchair adventures, outdoor enthusiasts, publishers, and advertisers, And to do so we have to rely on serendipity. Accomplished photographers are serendipiters, a serendipiters are those with an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident--------------------> More

November 21, 2007

The Resort Town Curse

By Daryl L. Hunter

skier in red Grand Targhee Ski ResortIn 1962 as a child my family went through Carmel California and my mother explained to me that it was against the law to cut down a tree in the town and it was so beautiful I wondered why every town didn't do that. A few years later my hometown did enact all kinds of restricted zoning like Carmel's and now I couldn't afford to move back there if I wanted to. This town is now populated with what they call gray gold, rich retired people that ran up the property values so high that natives could no longer live there.

I have lived in many resort towns and I have noticed a trend. I am attracted to them when they are still little, quaint and undiscovered but it usually isn't long before word spreads about the next great place.

The newcomers arrive and they marvel at the scenery but yearn for a classier looking town. Then comes the planning and zoning like they had back home. Everyone's property value goes up and everyone is happy.

The town no longer looks like an old farm town; it starts looking like------------>More

Family Values - a journey of discovery

By Daryl L. Hunter

Darby Creek, Wind Cave, Trail, Grand Teton MountansGrowing up a child of alcoholics in a single parent home with a mother who sang the praises of liberalism because it was liberalism's socialism programs that delivered the welfare check, I had a front row seat to learn the failures of liberalism.

Goodwin Lake, Gros Ventre WildernessI learned I was a Republican by the time I was 18, just in time to help re-elect Nixon to his second term. Other than that I was the typical 70's something counter culture rebel. During the 70's and 80's I was libertarian in many ways and it was convenient for me to endorse a woman or her partner's right to choose.

Reagan was a breath of fresh air after Carter stagnated our economy, gave away the Panama Canal and showed Islam that liberals are-------------->More

Living a richer life without any money!

Where is Jackson Hole - an often asked question in the town of Jackson Wyoming
Since purchasing my first camera, I have been living a visual feast that has cost me a real estate career in a lucrative Southern California market. My scenery seemed to always be just over the next hill somewhere, cityscapes just were not my kind of inspiration, and I soon tired of local beach sunsets.

So it wasn't long before I was traveling farther a field, weekend trips to Big Sur, Lake Arrowhead, Yosemite, and yes, a three-day driving marathon to the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park. I decided that my weekends just were not long enough. I would just have to take more time off work, and then I could make it to Tahoe, the costal redwoods, and the Oregon coast.

All that driving wore out my car; it must be time to move to a prettier place-------------->More

November 11, 2007

Grand Teton National Park's Upper Snake River

The source of the mighty Snake River is in Yellowstone National Park, from there it flows past Flagg Ranch south through the John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Memorial Parkway, and into postcard perfect Jackson Lake in Grand Teton National Park. Below Jackson Lake Dam, the Snake River meanders through Grand Teton National Park. Above the river to the west, the Grand Teton mountains rise suddenly, with no foothills to soften their dramatic rise to the sky. These are mountains the way we always expect mountains to look, The snowcapped, Grand Tetons are America's quintessential mountain range, rearing up with sawtooth like exaggeration crowned by the 13,770-foot Grand Teton.

The abundant wildlife and lush landscape of the upper Snake River Valley, which is Jackson Hole, leaves a lasting impression in the mind of any visitor to Grand Teton National Park. Approximately 50 miles of the 1056-mile long Snake River winds though Grand Teton National Park. Areas around Snake River are a great place to spot wildlife, such as Moose, Bison, Elk, Beavers, Otters, Bald Eagles, and Ospreys, and there is hardly a better way to experience Grand Teton Park than floating or standing knee deep in one of it's treasures.

November 06, 2007

Cascade - Paintbrush Canyon Loop Trail

By Daryl L. Hunter
The Paintbrush Divide trail makes up the first part of a great loop hike that carries you across the Divide (10,720 feet), passing Lake Solitude as it winds back down to the Cascade Canyon. It's best to go up the Paintbrush Canyon first because it allows for turning around if the quicker if ice/snow at the divide is a problem. Also, its steeper which is more pleasant to go up than down, and gets the hard part over with while you are still fresh. A snowfield makes the trail a bit tricky as you cross the Divide until early August. After August is easily traversed without the need of an ice axe trekking poles are always useful on extreme day hikes and make the small snow excursions even easier but it might not hunt to have an ice axe along if you go earlier than August.

In Cascade and Paintbrush Canyons you will see boulder fields and subalpine forests of fir, Engelmann Spruce, Limber and Whitebark Pines; Golden-mantled Ground Squirrels, American Pikas, and Yellow-bellied Marmots may be seen in the area. Higher up youll find the alpine country, with its talus slopes, glaciers, and globeflowers, Glacier Lilies, and Alpine Forget-me-nots, the park flower.

Thunderstorms are common in the afternoon for most of the summer. For that reason, it's advisable to get an early start and try to cross the open divide by noon, .........................................More

November 04, 2007

Henrys Fork of Snake River

By Daryl L. Hunter
The Henry's Fork of the Snake River, located in eastern Idaho, is one of the most famous trout streams in all of the United States. It's legendary hatches and abundant large wild rainbow trout make the Henry's Fork one of America's top fly-fishing destinations. The river flows for approximately 150 miles and within its journey passes some of the more classic dry fly water in the United States. Gentle flowing meadowland, pocket water, and spring creek like sections make up much of this legendary fishery made popular by Avril Harriman the railroad man. The Henry's Fork of the Snake is a spectacular river and fishery. Anglers come from all over the world to this river to fish its diverse and productive waters.

Henry's Lake is the source of the Henry's Fork River. The lake is fed by seven creeks, and by springs in the lake bottom. It is very rich water for trout, loaded with weeds and insects. Henry's lake is an awesome fishery in its own right and has produced many state records.

November 02, 2007

Turquoise Lake Trail - Gros Ventre Wilderness

By Daryl L. Hunter
Turquoise Lake is an alpine gem in the middle of the Gros Ventre Wilderness and there are many ways to get there but the most expeditious one is via the Goodwin Lake Trail. This access facilitates a 2,000-foot elevation head start over most others by virtue of its 8,000-foot trailhead.......................... About 2.5 miles from the trailhead you come to Goodwin Lake which is at the base of a steep flank of Jackson Peak............................... Climbing out of the cirque that hosts Goodwin Lake you enter sub alpine terrain with fewer trees and a lot more meadows revealing awesome views in every direction.....................More