March 30, 2011

Foster Friess On Healthcare

The American Policy Summit in Phoenix last weekend marked a moment of maturity for the tea party movement as citizens gathered focused on the ideas they were for, not against.

Following potential 2012 presidential candidate Herman Cain's Friday evening remarks, Foster kicked things off Saturday sharing ideas on health care and the need for the federal government to stress incentives, not mandates.

One of the more exciting ideas from the summit was the Health Care Compact initiative. It recognizes the need move beyond mere repeal and replace, and puts forth positive solutions. At its core, the Health Care Compact, seeks to shift authority from federal government to state governments, allowing them freedom and flexibility to seek unique health care solutions.

View Foster's remarks (15 min) here and learn more on the Health Care Compact initiative at

Matthew Taylor

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March 24, 2011

Jackson Hole's World Championship Snowmobile Hill Climb

Jackson Hole’s World Championship Snowmobile Hill ClimbAs the snow begins to melt and the valley warms, Jackson Hole Wyoming buzzes with one of its largest events of the year: the World Championship Snowmobile Hill Climb.
Snowmobile touring in Yellowstone National Park or tackling a few dozen of the hundreds of miles of the Continental Divide snowmobile trail are memorable challenges for the average snowmobiler, but, for some who have honed their skill of ascending vertical snow banks on the steepest climbable mountains of the west, the Jackson HoleÕs World Championship Snowmobile Hill Climb provides the opportunity too show off their prowess.
World Championship Snowmobile Hill Climb is not an event for the meek, Held annually the last weekend of March the Hill Climb challenges over 100 of the bravest and brightest stars on the professional snowmobile circuit. The racecourse is straight up a double black diamond (expert only) ski run called Exhibition. Exhibition rises 1,500 vertical feet above the town of Jackson. The upper end of Exhibition known aptly as Rock Garden is a double-black diamond ski run with an unfathomable 45 degree slope which puts the wobble in extreme skiersÕ knees and makes mincemeat out of $10,000 snow machines. These competitors are snowmobiling up places most of us are scared to ski down. Guts and a good sled may take you over the top or as has happened to some a tumble to the bottom may dash the dreams of an aspiring climber.

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Jackson HoleÕs World Championship Snowmobile Hill Climb