October 27, 2007

Teton Crest Trail

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The Teton Crest Trail can be done many different ways; the full route is 39 miles, from Teton Pass on Highway 22 to String Lake in Grand Teton National Park, just north of Jenny Lake. Backpacking the Teton Crest Trail takes about three days but this hike is no place to rush if you can budget the time. Ambitious backpackers or horseback riders can extend the trip to seventy-five mile trek
along the entire crest of the Teton Mountains with some creative trail daisy chaining. Much of the Teton Crest Trail cuts a serpentine path through Grand Teton National Park and the adjacent Jedediah Smith Wilderness, rarely dipping below 8,000 feet. This rugged mountain environmentês jagged spires, alpine meadows, glaciers, lakes and vistas provide a challenging trip with limitless and rewarding sections for off trail exploration.

Most start the Teton Crest Trail from the Phillips Pass Trailhead on Teton Pass however there is a myriad of other choices. A shortcut option is to take the Teton Village Tram and hike to Marion Lake and to pick up the Teton Crest Trail from there. Other southern starting points include Coal Creek, and Moose Creek trailheads.

After about 10 miles from the southern starting points you leave the Jedidiah Smith Wilderness and enter Grand Teton National Park, here Marion Lake makes a good camping spot. Marion Lake has limited campsites, which require a permit as do all Grand Teton designated camping spots.........................More

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