March 31, 2008

Jackson Hole's Willow Creek Trail

Willow Creek is a major drainage system for the Wyoming Range, the scenery is fantastic and provides prodigious, geographic, flora and fauna viewing and there are many trails you could get lost on. Take a map. The trail is popular with horseback riders, mountain bikers, hikers hunters, and fisherman.

Willow Creek's headwaters begin high in the Wyoming Range on the south end of Jackson Hole. Fisherman may with to trying to outwit the feisty native Cutthroat that make Willow Creek their home. These fish are native, not stocked, so they offer a challenge for the most experienced fly fisherman and an opportunity to advance the skills of the novice. Catch and release only, please. The Jackson Hole One Fly Foundation - National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Conservation Partnership Program is funded a project to improve a degraded area along Willow Creek.

From the trailhead at Bryan Flats sixteen miles south of the town of Jackson, Wyoming, the trail heads west out of the parking lot and starts a steady climb for one mile to a ridge top high above Willow Creek here, there is a fork in the trail where you can turn down to Alder Creek or continue down the ridge line, the junction is signed.-----------------------> More

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