April 25, 2008

Holland Taylor - LibForAll.org

I had the pleasure of hearing a talk sponsored by Foster Freiss, by founder of,  LibForAll.org;  C. Holland Taylor speak in person and had the opportunity to be heartened. I came away from this talk inspired and uplifted when I realized someone has finally found a way to directly challenge Radical Islam. With our help, his message of Love and Hope will reach the places where it will do the most good; every town, village and Mosque in the Muslim world.

How is it possible that a small, under-funded Foundation has Radical Islamists on the run in the World's largest Muslim country? Throughout the world, Radical Muslims will infiltrate Mosques. They twist the sacred teachings into a call for a politically motivated Jihad that preaches violence against anyone who stands in their way. In Indonesia, LibForAll.org countered this assault by seeking out distinguished Muslim Scholars, well-known and well-respected Mullahs, celebrities and political leaders and presenting a message of peaceful Islam to the people.

Despite the grave personal danger, top LibForAll.org associates including the former President of Indonesia, the country's top recording star and a host of Muslim religious leaders have made strong public statements showing the distortions of Radical Islam.

The Video on this link is a must see for everyone!

Holland Taylor Video

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