November 30, 2008

Perspectives: Snowmobiling in Yellowstone

 Comment about video = Jackie and Craig Mathews owners of Blue Ribbon Flies in West Yellowstone being the tree huggers they are ought to quit adding to the drift boat traffic on the Madison River. This poor river is overfished because of the popularity of drift boats. I am a wade fisherman and I don't believe that drift boats should be used because I no longer can afford one therefor they create unfair access and put to much pressure on the fishery. Then Jackie and Craig can be out of business like their neighbors.

Economy vs. environment: Town reacts to snowmobile controversy

Chronicle staff writer

As an the argument plays out in the courts about how many snowmobiles should be allowed in Yellowstone National Park, many West Yellowstone business leaders say their town is taking the brunt.

"Our whole livelihoods are at stake," said local businessman Clyde Seely.

Snowmobile technology is getting cleaner and businesses have adjusted to accommodate environmental concerns, yet many who make a living off of tourism here say conservation groups won't give up until snowmobile operations go out of business all together.

U.S. District Court judges have weighed in on the issue twice this past year, prompting the park service to announce a 318 cap on snowmobiles allowed in the park each day and then to abruptly revert to an existing cap of 720. Most agree that the issue is far from over.

"The GYC is killing us with death by a thousand cuts," said Pat Povah from the Deep Well Ranch.-----------------> more

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