February 12, 2014

Grand Teton Photography and Field Guide

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The Grand Teton Photo and Field Guide is an encapsulation of the flora, fauna, and photography of Jackson Hole Wyoming and Grand Teton National Park. Also included are thumbnails of the history and geology of the valley. This is an overview, not an encyclopedia. It is a guide and not a novel, so skip over what doesn’t interest you and find what tickle’s your curiosity.

This book is for all visitors with a desire to seek out wildlife, photograph the landscape, or merely learn about the history, geology, and lay of the land of Grand Teton National Park. I provide general overviews with hot links with more in-depth descriptions of subjects of individual interest.

I have been guiding and photographing around Jackson Hole and Yellowstone since 1986 when I came here for a photography trip that precipitated my sudden move to the area.

In the “Lay of the Land” section, I write of the obvious highlights along the loop through Grand Teton Park. Hot links to side roads will give you more in-depth description of side roads and feeder roads and their highlights. GPS links to Google Maps are provided throughout. Although “Lay of the Land intro” is in the main part of the book, the road links from it are in the Road Index in the back of the book.

As a field guide I profile many animals and birds of the area. Jackson Hole is full of wildlife but there are places where animals are, and there are places where they are not. It is a waste of time to scrutinize a landscape devoid of what you are looking for so this guide narrows options down to the hot spots. I provide maps of the likeliest places to find the popular critters of Grand Teton National Park. I also touch on trees, shrubs, and wildflowers with minimal explanations. Also included are explanations of the Greater Yellowstone ecology.

Everywhere you look in Grand Teton Park is a potential postcard but there are a handful of great places photographers shouldn’t miss. Throughout the book there are many photos. Many, but not all the photos click through to a larger photo. In the photography section I will delve deeper to where to set up your tripod for landscapes, where to find the critters and many pointers on how to use your equipment to better effect.

Although unrelated to photography, geography, mammalogy, ornithology, botany, or ecology I sum up the book with some recreation opportunities you may want to consider for your trip to Jackson Hole.


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