September 30, 2016

Glenn Beck ~ shut your pie hole!!!

Glenn Beck ~ Shut Your Pie Hole

Ok Glenn; you are too moral to vote for Trump, I get it.

Yes I understand your show, I have been a loyal listener since 2001. I understand you fancy yourself as a twenty first century George Whitefield, a noble aspiration!

I understand morality is great, and principles are wonderful. I also understand other metaphors help the thickheaded. Bill Bennett once passed along one once: “pacifists are the unwitting ally of the enemy”. I guess today we could use this baseline to construe “the moralist is the unwittingly alley of the enemy.”
"An idealist is one who, on noticing that a rose smells better than a cabbage, concludes that it will also make better soup." H.L. Mencken .

I also was a Cruz guy, Cruz lost! Glenn you once had millions of followers, the number, I’m sure, remains large. As you undermine our better of, two bad choices, proclaiming you have no influence, I will argue you have more than I wish you did.

One of my closest friends is an evangelical; in 2012 Steve, morally couldn’t vote for the cult member (Romney “Mormon”). Before the election I tried to reason with him; “wouldn’t you rather have the cult member than the Muslim? Steve replied; I prey about it, but I’ll let God decide. Millions of evangelicals did the same. Well Glenn, I don’t like Gods decision of 2012.

In 2008 I published an article called “A deist among the Mormons” stating how although I’m a deist, I love my Idaho Mormon neighbors. The best family/community people I have ever had the pleasure to live among. As a matter of fact, I met you at Frank VanderSloot’s barn in Idaho Falls.
All the days I can briefly listen to your show, I hear you extrol morality, and how yours can’t be tainted by a Trump vote; your remaining followers, thus to remain moral by your measure, also won’t vote for Trump. I am saddened that I am compelled to reach for the off switch of your show at a greater frequency than I ever did for the off switch for Michael Savage when Savage goes on to gratuitously savage his competitors.

You, Pat, Stu, and a dozen minions can gather around your ever shrinking circle, you say you are willing to lead, and pat each other on your back about how moral you are and we immoral deserve the America Hillary gives us.

I republished “A deist among the Mormons” in 2012, I then posted it to Free Republic where I was savaged by publisher Jim Robinson and his freeper followers, Jim Robinson, much too late tried to rally his followers to vote for Romney; however it is tough to unring a bell.

I am sure that Hillary is delighted you have become her favorite useful idiot, as you whistle past the graveyard on your morality advocacy high horse; you will deliver her the one percent that sends her over the top.

The good thing about my friend Steve is he didn’t have a microphone, although he did listen the microphone of others.

Now get off your grandstand and shut your pie hole!

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