March 02, 2017

Delta Airlines - a warning

I spent days on the Delta website trying to find flights I can afford and that will work with my itinerary. When I settled on a flight where I could save a lot of money by having my wife drive a short leg of the journey, i pulled the trigger and started booking the flight.   I wasn't logged into my account, I then entered my frequent flyer ID and had to log in.  I crossed all the Ts and dotted all the Is and when I hit the buy finish button.  At that time the "Fare Change" dialoge box came up demanding another $299.00.    I was pissed.  I find something what works for $998.00 and by the time I fill out the purchase agreement on your website you try to sodomize me for another $300.00.

Of course I phoned Delta to ask WTF!   Delta then quoted the $998.00 flight which was still available after all, I booked it. This process wasted a lot of my time as well as the time of the Delta employee who had to repeat on the phone what I had already completed online.  This made me ponder a few thing about process.

After this exasperating experience I had to go for a hike to clear my head.   With clarity came an epiphany; considering my both logged in and logged out searches and the inconsistent results I had to conclude Delta must charge frequent fliers more money to make up for the discount they give.  This would explain the $300.00 jump after I logged in.

As I said, I spent days, well maybe several hours spread over several days.   While consulting with my wife about when she was available to fly, where she was willing to fly from caused many starts and stops on my searches. I couldn't always replicate results that I had found earlier.Sometimes I'd be logged into my frequent flyer miles account, sometimes I wasn't.  Hmmm.

I certainly got into the wrong frequent flier program and am getting out as soon as I use up my accumulated miles.

Further more, I'm still pissed about you bumping me out of me "Delta Comfort" isle seat on my return flight from South Africa.   I buy Isle seats for the convince of your other passengers, because of my health issues which mandate me moving around the cabin often.

Every time I fly with Delta, I regret it afterwards.

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