October 15, 2008

Criminals For Gun Control part 1 Home Invasion

Why do people need handguns?

Though this is a commonly asked question, a more appropriate question would be: “Why should handguns be banned?” In a free society, the burden of proof is not upon those who would exercise a right but on those who would infringe that right. Private citizens benefit from handguns for the same reason that the police do: handguns are easy to carry, and they are effective defensive tools. Handguns are used for protection more often than they are used to commit violent crimes, and two of every three defensive uses of firearms are carried out with handguns. Survey research shows that people who use firearms for protection are less likely to be injured during a criminal attack than people who use other means of protection or no protection. Handguns are also very widely used for target shooting and they’ve become more commonly used for hunting.

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Daryl L. Hunter said...

Parody is a wonderful thing. This video makes makes the point about how important gun ownership is for the average citizen but is just a side benefit of the original intent of the second amendment.