October 28, 2008

Foster Friess on Economic Crisis: Who's to Blame?

In these critical times it amazes me that so few actually look for the real cause for something so important as the unraveling of our financial system. I have and have posted much of what I have found previously on this blog, Foster Friess on this video wraps it all up and puts a bow on if for those that aren't inclined to investigate - Watch and Learn.

Obama will not acknowledge the true nature of the economic meltdown, if you don't get to the bottom of the problem, you can't fix the problem.

Caveat emptor "Let the buyer beware" on November Fourth we will find out if a gifted salesman sells socialism to America, socialism creates more financial problems it fixes.

Lets not buy this bill of goods!

A little about Foster Friess

Awards and Achievements

▪ Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Award

▪ Humanitarian of the Year presented at the National Charity Awards Dinner.

▪ Canterbury Medal from the Beckett Fund for Religious Liberty

▪ Adam Smith Award from Hillsdale College

▪ Albert Schweitzer Leadership Award from Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership Foundation

▪ David R. Jones Award for Leadership in Philanthropy

▪ Thomas J. Reese Award from Catholic Charities tribute in 2001

▪ Medal of Distinction from the University of Delaware

▪ Maryvale, AZ 'Man of the Year' Award

▪ Citizen of the Month Jackson Hole, WY Rotary Club

▪ Delaware Business Leaders Hall of Fame

 Honorary Degrees from Pepperdine University, Regent University, and Goldey Beacom College

Political Activism

• Foster, a Republican donor and supporter of George W. Bush's administration has been an active patron of a number of religious and conservative causes including:

▪ Private Sector Solutions, a network of leaders developing private sector solutions to augment, preempt or replace government services

▪ LibForAll and other groups building a global counter-extremism network

▪ Patient-driven health care through Free Market Cure and other groups

▪ Choice in Education through Alliance for School Choice, All Children Matter and others


▪ Lynn and Foster Friess Family Foundation

▪ Contributors to the National Wildlife Art Museum in Jackson Hole, WY

▪ Founding grant for Good Samaritan Health Services - Mobile Medical Care in Tulsa, OK.

▪ $100,000 challenge grants for communities who want to start Mobile Medical Care programs

▪ Matching challenge grant helped raise over $2 million in relief money for Tsunami victims in Sri Lanka. Foster personally traveled to the hardest-hit areas to speak with local church and organization leaders to identify the best efforts.

▪ Another matching grant administered through the NCF Giving Fund sent more than $4 million to provide hot meals and other relief support to Katrina Victims.[11]

▪ Supported a new YMCA development in Maryvale, AZ along with several local mentoring and ministry programs

1 comment:

Allison said...

It is because of these misconceptions of whom we should blame, that we should not blame anyone. People, especially the media, are looking out for their own benefit, and when any of their opinions are threatened, they immediately look for a scapegoat to distract the attention away from them.

With everybody blaming everyone else, we are not getting any work done in fixing the problem. That should be the first thing to get done or else the problem is only going to get worse.

We need to find a way that overcomes the quality of man’s egoism, and it needs to be a group effort. Michael Laitman what we need to do and how at http://www.laitman.com/2008/10/what-caused-the-current-financial-crisis/ .