November 21, 2007

Family Values - a journey of discovery

By Daryl L. Hunter

Darby Creek, Wind Cave, Trail, Grand Teton MountansGrowing up a child of alcoholics in a single parent home with a mother who sang the praises of liberalism because it was liberalism's socialism programs that delivered the welfare check, I had a front row seat to learn the failures of liberalism.

Goodwin Lake, Gros Ventre WildernessI learned I was a Republican by the time I was 18, just in time to help re-elect Nixon to his second term. Other than that I was the typical 70's something counter culture rebel. During the 70's and 80's I was libertarian in many ways and it was convenient for me to endorse a woman or her partner's right to choose.

Reagan was a breath of fresh air after Carter stagnated our economy, gave away the Panama Canal and showed Islam that liberals are-------------->More

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