November 21, 2007

The Resort Town Curse

By Daryl L. Hunter

skier in red Grand Targhee Ski ResortIn 1962 as a child my family went through Carmel California and my mother explained to me that it was against the law to cut down a tree in the town and it was so beautiful I wondered why every town didn't do that. A few years later my hometown did enact all kinds of restricted zoning like Carmel's and now I couldn't afford to move back there if I wanted to. This town is now populated with what they call gray gold, rich retired people that ran up the property values so high that natives could no longer live there.

I have lived in many resort towns and I have noticed a trend. I am attracted to them when they are still little, quaint and undiscovered but it usually isn't long before word spreads about the next great place.

The newcomers arrive and they marvel at the scenery but yearn for a classier looking town. Then comes the planning and zoning like they had back home. Everyone's property value goes up and everyone is happy.

The town no longer looks like an old farm town; it starts looking like------------>More

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