November 04, 2007

Henrys Fork of Snake River

By Daryl L. Hunter
The Henry's Fork of the Snake River, located in eastern Idaho, is one of the most famous trout streams in all of the United States. It's legendary hatches and abundant large wild rainbow trout make the Henry's Fork one of America's top fly-fishing destinations. The river flows for approximately 150 miles and within its journey passes some of the more classic dry fly water in the United States. Gentle flowing meadowland, pocket water, and spring creek like sections make up much of this legendary fishery made popular by Avril Harriman the railroad man. The Henry's Fork of the Snake is a spectacular river and fishery. Anglers come from all over the world to this river to fish its diverse and productive waters.

Henry's Lake is the source of the Henry's Fork River. The lake is fed by seven creeks, and by springs in the lake bottom. It is very rich water for trout, loaded with weeds and insects. Henry's lake is an awesome fishery in its own right and has produced many state records.

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